Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Contacts freezing to my eye

This week Taylor didn't have enough time to email, but he did send us 2 pictures and I'll include a short blurb of what he wrote in my personal email. 

"But I had a really good week! We FINALLY had an investigator in church!!! She's 21 and a super nice girl! I was here for like 11 weeks and not one week did we have an investigator in church so it was good to finally find someone to come to church - and actually love it and beg us to have her boyfriend come too. It was awesome! It was a pretty good week and had like 3 miracles this week too! It was CRAZY but it was right when I needed it because I was on verge to becoming lazier. But not anymore! :) So it's going tons better here now that there's at least someone! The weather has been crap but that's alright. Yesterday my contacts froze to my eye. That was a weird feeling! But it's going good! :) But I know I kinda stopped keeping track of the time I've been out... Because like I got a ton of time and I've been out quite a good chunk of time too so that's cool! But basically halfway done because time is zooming by!"

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