Monday, November 30, 2015



It's the last day before the last month of the year! And 25 days until Christmas and like 100 until I hit my one year mark! WOAHH! 

This weeks been pretty good. I usally give kinda a run down with how this weeks weather has been, so it's been pretty mild (relatively) but it hasn't been too bad! Yesterday, however, rained on the parade, but it was pretty cool. We had insane wind yesterday! So bad that the Stake cancelled an activity to keep people safe! However the missionaries still had to work... Anyways, the wind was throwing things all over the place, including me (more like pushing because no one/nothing can knock this guy over ;)) and we had slushy rain that smacked our faces at like 50mph and it felt like pebbles flying at full speed. It hurt pretty bad. But that I think was the only time I have actually felt cold in Denmark. It was pretty painfully cold, windy and wet. 

Anyways, the work this week has been great. We had a Blitz Splits here in Randers, where 4 other missionaries come to help us find people all day, on Tuesday and Wednesday, then on Thursday, it was Thanksgiving! We had a Zone Conference with all of the missionaries on Jylland and Fyn and we ate our thanksgiving dinner, then had a talent show, and finished it off with an AMERICAN football Turkey Bowl. It was awesome and it wasn't even raining! But it was muddy and cold still... It was fun. We stayed the night with the Zone Leaders in Århus and that was pretty fun! Then we did some service for an old lady on Friday, then on Saturday we did a whole bunch of door knocking and on Sunday, I had to give a did Elder Hager! Didn't have a lot of time to prepare, but we did what we could haha. They turned out pretty good. They were on, "How can we bless the world?" 

We did have a new investigator this week and she's pretty positive, and we also have another who's come to church for the second time! She really loves the church too! We're having success with them and we're really happy for that! :) It's going pretty strong here in Randers...Finally!! 

The church came out with a fine new Christmas video! You can find it on, and in Danish on! It's a pretty good video! Don't hold youself back from watching's actually good and a good reminder of what the Savior has done for us! So go watch it and get into that chillaxing Christmas spirit! 

Anyways, it's been going pretty good recently! I love it here! I hope you all have a jolly week and get into that Christmas spirit! I love you all!  


Ældste Taylor Howes

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