Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to Work!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I'm finally back to work! It's rough but awesome jumping back into things. I haven't been so exhausted in my life! But, we had some good things happen this week. Because we were out all week the week before, we had almost nothing planned this week but to find. So that's what we decided to do. As usual, we had some pretty good conversations and got a couple potential investigators, and one new investigator, so it went pretty well. We just have to find someone who actually wants to make an effort to progress towards baptism. I sadly have not seen that in quite awhile, so hopefully we can find someone this week or the near future, but it's coming along! 

This week, I was able to celebrate my birthday! I spent it with a member and I had some other members give me some gifts, including a Denmark Olympic shirt! I got a pic of it, I'll attach it into the email. Elder Fairbanks has been a really good companion. We've been getting along really well and we've had a lot of fun out knocking doors. OH! STORY!

This week, we were knocking doors, and we knocked on this door of a house. It was my companion's turn to take the lead, so he says his thing, then the 80 year old man with a walker screams, "GET OUT!" Then my companion starts running away, then I play it cool and chill there and ask him what's wrong. I tend to do this because I'm truly curious as to why people hate me when they've never talked to me before. Anyways, he then ditches his walker, approaches me, curses at me and tells me to get out again. I'm just sitting there asking what's wrong. He says, "This is my property, and I asked you to leave." Then he an 80 year old man slugs me in the shoulder with all his might and I just took a step back and took an inch closer to him and said, "Well, you have a nice day." It didn't hurt obviously. It may sound like I tried to provoke him, but trust me, I didn't haha he was just really mad. My mission president kinda taught us not to run away at that moment either, so I had fun and did what I'm asked! It made for a good story. 

Well, anyways, that's my week. :) Keep holding to the iron rod and I can't wait to talk next week! I love and miss you all!


Æ. Taylor Howes

Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy birthday to Taylor!

Good day!

My birthday luckily fell on a P-day! Although, I can't really party too hard because I'm still on the recovery climb. At least I got to email though, right?

Well, this week really wasn't eventful at all. I wasn't allowed to proselyte or do much of anything but sleep, eat and take walks to the grocery store. So we had the Restoration videos on repeat inside the apartment. What a joy! I'm supposed to be able to work tomorrow, so that's where I'm going to start. Hopefully I can get a full day in, but we'll see. I'll try my hardest anyways! In the meantime, the ward has really taken care of me and done their best to help me out. I've been treated pretty well, so I can't complain too much.

However, when one sits around, they really miss missionary work. I couldn't even believe how much I wanted to get out and do something. I think this little break gave me an idea of how I want to do the last quarter of my mission. It's probably what I needed to see, which is why it all happened, but I'm glad it's over with. :)

Other than that, that's my week. Really fun, I know! I hope you all have a good week and thanks for all the birthday wishes! I love and miss you all tons! :)


Æ. Taylor Howes

Wednesday, August 3, 2016



Well, I'm sure you all know that I was in the hospital for a few days. I'm glad to be out now! After all that surgery, my appendix is out and it only goes uphill from here. One of the office elders said to me as I was walking slower than Grandpa Joe out of the hospital, "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind." So I guess that's been my motto through all this. Just putting one foot in front of the other! But I tell you what, it was an adventure. 

Thanks to all of your thoughts and prayers. That was definitely what got me through the rough times at the hospital. My mission president was a real trooper though. I learned a lot about that man and he really helped me out a lot during that ordeal. I've got a lot of people helping me here, so I've been taken care of really well and will continue to be taken care of. I'm doing well and I might still be down this Monday when I email again! I hope I get to celebrate my birthday the right way.!

Thanks for you love, care and support! :) 


Æ. Taylor Howes