Monday, August 31, 2015

Transfer #1-Randers, Sjaelland,Denmark

Hello! :) 

I have been taken out of the promised land of Sjælland Denmark and into Jylland! No fun! I've never been over here so I can't speak yet! There's a little rivalry between missionaries here who love Jylland and those who love Sjælland. I love Sjælland but Jylland isn't so bad yet! So I have moved from Hillerød and about 4 hours west to Randers! It was a terrible train ride because it was so full. but to say the least, I made it! :)

It was hard to leave Hillerød and all the people I made relationships with, but I knew it was my time to go! I learned all that I needed to and I was ready to move onto something else. So I'm excited for what's in store here in Randers! I haven't seen so much of Randers, but from what I see, it's typical Denmark and really old! But it's pretty I would say. It's in the middle of nowhere and the city was built on a hill! So I should be losing some serious weight biking over here! I need it though! 

I hear they have a large branch that could be turning into a ward here, so church should be okay! It won't be too boring and hopefully I won't have to give too many talks here! :) I got away with zero in Hillerød, lets see if I can do it here! :) 

The weather this week has been pretty good! It rained a couple times! But it's been alright! This week FLEW by. We had mini mission and we got to show a couple young men in the Copenhagen stake a little bit about missionary work. It was pretty fun and I think they had a great time! :) 

Anyways, I don't have much to say because I just got into the area, but I will say that I'm ready to work here! :) It won't be easy but it'll be fun! I'll probably be here until January 11th, 2016! That's a LONG time! But I loved the time in Hillerød and I can't wait to get to know the area here! 

My new companion is Elder Nielsen! He comes from Virginia and has been in Denmark 6 weeks less than me, so I'm follow-up training him! That'll be fun! All the Danish is relying on me....UH OH! :) I think it'll be okay though!

I don't have any pictures! I'm sorry! I'll get some up this week! Anyways, I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! :) 

Med Kærlig Hilsen, 

Ældste Taylor Howes

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