Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Third Week in the MTC


I'm on a computer that doesn't have Danish capabilities on it but that's okay because we're in America and we speak English!

This week has flown by! Wednesday we went to the temple and it was just awesome to get out of the MTC and walk around everywhere. Of course the ceremony was good too, but it's just nice to sit back and relax and enjoy nature.

Right after email time on Wednesday, one of the Elders here was struggling bad and we thought he would go home. I was super heart broken cause he looked super bad. He's going to Norway but his companion gave him a blessing and I got to stand in on that. He spoke with the Branch President too and now he's doing so much better. It's pretty cool.

On Sunday we had church and all of that. Sunday night the BYU men's choir came to sing and that was absolutely fantastic. I was so pumped to hear them because in General Conference they sound amazing. And they definitely were! It's hilarious to see the faces they make when they sing. Anyways, they sang for about an hour and a few choir members said some devotional stuff about their experience as missionaries. it was pretty cool.

On Monday the 2 Dutch missionaries left, although the Dutch Elder, Elder Bringhurst, had to get diverted by way of the New York Utica mission (I called that mission whenever he asked us to guess). So that's pretty cool! The Dutch sister, Zuster Duncan went off to Holland though so she's there right now. They were some awesome people. Today we get 9 new Elders - 7 Dutch and 2 Icelandic. I'm pretty stoked for them to get here because then we'll have all 5 languages of our little branch. I think there will be somewhere around 25 of us at that point. 

This week our Branch President was released and we got the former MTC Executive Secretary as our Branch President now. He's a cool guy. Anyways so I'm still the Zone Leader and I think i will be until I leave.

Yesterday, Elder Zwick and his wife (from the 70) gave a talk and it was pretty good. They talked on the Atonement and what it encompasses and I learned a lot. It was sort of cool that he had like his 30 year old son with mental disabilities get up and bare his testimony of missionaries and the church. It's weird how much they know and how much they love people. It's cool too. Anyways he sorta taught the atonement helps us with our sins; sicknesses and afflictions; and perfecting ourselves. All that it requires is to have faith and not have an upset heart or have a discouraged heart. It helps me because I like to be Mr. Negativity and stuff like that so it gave me a bright outlook. 

Anyways It's been snowing the past couple days here and it's been frigid! But I like it because I like a bit of change and snow makes everyone happier. I get to go to the temple today so I'm stoked for that. It felt like I was writing a letter like two days ago because the time flies. I'm sure it'll be the same way next week!  

Jeg elsker dig og jeg vil tale med jer naeste ude!

AEldste Taylor Howes

Here's some pics.. yes there's a pure selfie.


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