Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fourth Week in the MTC


Jeg håber at enhver mennesker tilbage på hjem er godt! Denne ude var godt! In reality, I have no idea how good or bad the grammar or spelling was considering they only teach us how to speak pretty much!

This week was well. The new Dutch and Icelandic Elders arrived and they're pretty cool! They all adjusted pretty well so no one was really feeling homesick! The Icelanders aren't too thrilled about being here for 9 weeks but hey that's the fun for them!

This is my second to last PDay in the MTC and I'm loving the countdown! I get my flight plans on Friday so I'm thrilled about seeing the planes I get to ride and the cities I get to see! I'll let you all know next week what the plan is!

It's kind of funny how Sunday goes from being the worst, least enjoyable day of the week top the best, most enjoyable day of the week as a missionary. We do nothing but church and go to the temple so it's super relaxing! Wednesday is also good, but we still have class! ):

We still have the same 3 "investigators" and so far we've got two "committed" to baptism but in reality that means almost nothing haha. But it's progress made! And practice. One of our teachers/investigators is the Debbie Downer and doesn't do anything but sleep and lay back in the lesson so we hate teaching him....And it's not even like our lessons are boring haha we ask him a question like every minute. But anyways that's what I put up with everyday!

Sunday we heard a talk about obedience. I didn't exactly learn a ton because it was stuff that's drilled into us everyday and what we already follow. But I guess it'd be helpful for the disobedient Elders! Tuesday we heard from a Seventy on Head Knowledge, Heart knowledge and Soul Knowledge. It was just the steps of how an investigator should progress. They should go from Facts, to feeling the facts and practicing or acting upon the facts. Once again, something I already knew and that we do about everyday but I guess it was a refresher!

Anyways, only 1 and a half weeks left! I'm excited to get out of here! I can't wait to be in Denmark doing what I've been practicing. Sitting in the same chair for 10 hours gets old. But whatever!

I'll talk to you all next week! Jeg elsker jer!


Ældste Taylor Howes

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