Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Second Week in the MTC


Hvordan går det på hjem?

The MTC is going well! This week went by so fast and general conference was so cool! It was really funny to see all of the missionaries asleep during some of the talks. I knocked out during a couple of them. It's so hard to stay awake after sitting there for hours on end and waking up at 6:30 every morning. I really like Jeffrey R Holland's talk. There were a ton of talks on family and technology and was just interesting that that is what they thought was the most important thing in today's world. So we were in our devotional room or gym all day saturday and sunday.

This week was also super incredible.... On Sunday we had a devotional...and they said it'd be special... and it was! They had Vocal Point come and perform for us--the A Capella group that s LDS that won America's Got Talent or something... It was really cool! A super good thing that I think we missionaries needed because going without music sucked.

The food this week wasn't so bad but something tore my stomach up on Monday. I was not doing well at all!  I try to just eat salad and fruit now! 

They new Elders and Sisters going to Norway and Sweden are awesome too! Next Wednesday we get 7 Dutchies and 2 Icelanders so our zone is about to have like 25 in it! I'm going to miss the Dutch Elder and Sister. They're really cool people. 

The language is coming along super well. I'm pretty much conversational in Danish now. It's a super fun language. Some of the words sound funny and you just laugh a lot when you hear people speak. 

So what else is going on here.....hmmm...well my district has gotten a lot better. The zone is really awesome. These Scandinavians really know how to be cool! 

I'm pretty excited to get out of here. But I've got 5 investigators I've been teaching here.. They're all my teachers and 2 are Danish volunteers that are LDS. It's kinda cool just to speak Danish and it's cool they're not real because we screw up alot. 

Anyways. It's going a lot better here than last week! I'm looking forward to the next PDay.. They're so fun!

Jeg elsker jer,

Ældste Taylor Howes

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