Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Week in the MTC


On Thursday after I got here I got to write you all. I was made District Leader on Thursday and on Sunday they made me Zone I get to carry around a phone for our zone after the Ned-Bel missionary leaves. On Monday the Swedes and the Norgs left and I was kind of sad. But today we should be getting some more Swedes and Norgs so I can't wait for them to get here.  I like my companion a lot. There is a Netherland-Belgium missionary in our zone is super cool. He's a zone leader too but he leaves in two weeks. I like him a lot so I just talk to him all of the time.

Yesterday I had a devotional and I got to hear from Elder Teh from the Seventy. It was kinda a cool talk and it sort of talked about making weak things strong. Anyway the spirit here is like no other. I took a couple pictures the first day here and forgot to bring my camera here. I went on a temple walk and we took a big huge picture with the old zone. I loved the Swedes and Norgs so much. They were awesome and soooo cool. I kinda wish they were still here but I know they'll do great in their respective missions. I think they had like 6 sisters and 12 elders who left. So now our zone is down to 7 until the rest get here today. 

I now know how to pray entirely and bare my testimony in Danish. I know about as much danish as I do spanish. Its the tungemalsgaven! (The gift of tongues). My favorite word is definitely praestedommetmyndighed, which means priesthood authority. Its so hard to say. But we've taught 4 lessons to a fake investigator named Torbin and He committed to baptism on the 3rd lesson which is good. And yes, it was entirely in Danish. I'm sure our accents in Danish are horrible but our teacher said we won't be fluent for about 4 months...and even then we wont sound too good. So i'm kinda interested to see how we progress. I hate having to wait a week for P day but I mean oh well.... I wish I got to email everyday. I haven't really gotten homesick but Im just ready to get out of the MTC. I've realized the MTC is all about learning and growing so I guess I won't be satisfactory until I leave here May 4.. Only a month to go!

I don't get to learn any ICelandic, fortunately, and I'll tell you why.....the Icelandics are here for 9 weeks...and that SUCKS. I'm glad I'm only here for 6 but I'm still ready to bounce. I can't wait to come home after I'm done here though!! I miss everyone back home and having the ability just to talk to people.

Jeg elsker jer, (don't try to pronounce it... and if you do, it's Yai elsker yer)

AElste Taylor Howes (IDK how to connect all these AEs and stuff.)

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