Monday, January 30, 2017

Flu Season


I got the flu so this will be a short email.. I'll kinda just outline what I did this week...! It's been a very weird week in a lot of different ways.

Monday, we had p-day and some Elders came in for splits. Tuesday, we did some work and the highlight was going to the hospital (probably where I picked up the flu). Some dude died in our ward and one of his buddies went with us to give him a blessing and we were too late...he died 10 mins before we arrive. Poor fella. Never fun seeing a dead man.

Wednesday, we made a trek to Copenhagen for a My Plan meeting. Our mission president taught my departing group about how to prepare ourselves to go home. Kinda like a 3 to 5 year plan of where we want to be. So that was fun. Afterwards, we went to the temple and that's always fun. 

We came home on Thursday and went to YSA night. We had institute, dinner and all that, so that was good. It was fun. Friday, we welcomed some more elders into our area for splits. That's when it went down hill for me and I've been in bed since. What a week, I know haha! 

Well, I'm sorry that's incredibly boring. On the bright side, only 50 more days to go. I love you all and miss you tons! Have a good week!


Æ Taylor Howes

Sister O'Bryant snagged a pic of me a little while ago, so here's that!
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Half of our mission
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