Monday, January 30, 2017

6 Weeks Left!


HOLY COW this is my last transfer!!!! Only 6 more weeks ladies and gentleman! I've almost done it! I'm excited for this transfer though. Elder McBride went on to Tåstrup, Elder Olson, who was my companion in Tåstrup, is now my companion again! WOOHOO! We're Zone Leaders together. Didn't see that one coming! He was one of my favorite companions and I'm glad we got put back together. It'll be fun! 

Anyhow, this week was a sick week. Literally. I was sick last week I wrote and I'm just now coming off of it. I went to the doctor Monday morning and Wednesday morning and I guess they diagnosed me with the flu, so I battled that and my first day back at it was Thursday. I went to district meeting and YSA. In between I slept. Friday, I did a little bit more. We taught some lessons with members. Saturday, I worked a little bit more, then finally, Sunday was my first full work day! So now I'm doing good! 

On the bright side, Henriette will be getting baptized this Saturday! The first baptism in my area! I will be confirming her on Sunday, so that'll be cool. She's come a long way and she even had a testimony when I first came to the area. Her testimony is incredible and it's cool to hear how much she's grown since she was found. The Church really is true! :)

This week, I will be headed to Copenhagen for Mission Leadership Council, so that'll be fun. It'll be a jampacked week, but it'll make for lots of memories.

Only 6 more weeks! :) I love and miss you all tons!!! 

Ældste Taylor Howes

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