Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Sankt Hans Aften"- A Danish Holiday


I hope everyone had a great week! The weather this week was pretty scorching. I got fried on Saturday at a ward party! Even my legs got burnt! (cause I wore shorts) :). I'll just get on with it!

Two weeks ago, we found a half American family! I actually tried something I had never done before while being out. Usually, when a couple is in a car and they're backing out of the driveway, I let them do their thing and be on there way, but the one time I didn't let that happen, we had a great conversation. I walked up the side of their car as they were backing up, then tapped on the window and signaled for them to stop, then the roll down the window and I give a door approach, and then the wife responds in English, "What part of the states are you from?" We come to find out that the husband is American, lived in Montana and has a bunch of LDS friends. He said, "They're the best people I have ever hung out with!" We then talk about eternal families and they said they've never heard that message before nor have they seen Mormons come to their door in Denmark, nor met a Mormon. They even said, "You're more than welcome back - in fact, please come back." So that was good. We went back this week and taught the Restoration and eternal families. They loved it! They're willing to read the Book of Mormon and find it's truth, so we're hoping for more success with them in the future. We're happy we've been finding families left and right!! It's been great! We've got several appointments set up this week, so hopefully they all hold! If they do, they'll be golden!

This week, we had a holiday called "Sankt Hans Aften." It's some old Viking holiday that celebrates the longest day of the year, so they make a HUGE bonfire, then throw a witch (scarecrow) into it and sings some sort of carols. It was pretty interesting! Then on Saturday, we had a ward summer party! So we chilled on a farm with a bunch of members and grilled. It was really fun. It was a good opportunity to get to know members better, so it was a good thing overall. 

It's the beginning of a new transfer! So we'll see what miracles the next 6 weeks bring! I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you tons!!


Æ. Taylor Howes

The Summer Party (Elder Allred) & us and the APs at the church building (behind us)! (my companion to the right)

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