Monday, October 10, 2016

Winter is Coming


I don't have a ton of time because I have to go get my haircut and I spent too much time trying to register myself to vote, so that means I'm short on time haha!

I've had a good week this week though. We found one new investigator and found a lot of potential investigators. We gave out 5 Books of Mormon this week, so that's really good! It's gotta be a high for a while! We also had an investigator in church, and a different investigator come to YSA on Friday, so things are going pretty well here so far! 

We broke out our scarves, gloves, winter jackets and everything this week to keep us warm. Hopefully this winter isn't so bad. But the weather hasn't been too bad. It's been pretty drizzly and stuff, but not drenching. We've had 30 mph winds but we can tolerate that alright. I drove for the first time in a while this week too haha. Woah it's been a long time. I didn't wreck though haha But it was good to get back behind the wheel for sure! :) today, I'm not doing anything adventurous as it's raining out there haha. But my week was good! 149 days to go! Woo hoo! They'll be buying my flight home in a little bit :)

In other weird news, I led sacrament for the first time ever this week. That was actually pretty fun! It was an experience for sure!!

Anyways, sorry this is short. I didn't do any adventuring this week, so no pictures :(

I love you, have a good week!

Æ. Taylor Howes

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  1. Praying for you Taylor... check your email :-) Mr Price