Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!


Welcome to the extra day of the year! :) I have had a pretty good week. A lot of appointments fell through, but some of them went through, so that's a plus! :) We ended up moving Ammar's baptismal date up to March 19th because he's been progressing so much! We moved Reza's baptismal date back to April 2nd because he's moving a little bit slower. But I'm sure they'll both make it at some point! 

I was asked to give a talk this week, so I had to prepare that. It was a talk on testimonies and how I developed my own testimony. It was a pretty fun and easy one to prepare. I even tried going without a written script! It turned out pretty well in my opinion! It's kinda funny that it's only my second talk given on my mission! I've been lucky! I enjoy giving talks though! I would be much more nervous giving a talk in English!!!

We began a nice little missionary tool of arranging some weekly soccer with the ward every Saturday! This past week was a poor turnout, but it was still a success! This week should be a little better because we emphasized it a bit more. But I'm learning some soccer off of Europeans! I could be a pro when I come home! jk.. 

Well, this week I read in the Book of Ether. It was REALLY good. It has a nice story behind it. I hope you all can get the chance to read chapter 2 and 3. In a short story, the Brother of Jared was commanded to build vessels so they could get from Jerusalem to America. Although, the brother of Jared was entirely confused with the Lord's directions because the way the Lord wanted the boats built made no sense to him. So, he asked the Lord many times through prayer about what he should do, and seeking further guidance and comfort. The Lord answers his prayers, and commands him ti do something as an answer. He does it multiple times, and finally, The Lord finally answers the brother of Jared's final, ultimate request but it was only because of his faith and obedience to his previous answers. It was a good lesson for me, because the Lord answers every prayer, but we must choose to listen and act upon the answers. If we do so, those answers will be more prevalent and noticeable because the Lord trusts us that we will do as he asks. It's only in accordance with our faith and obedience. That's something that I've been working on recently and I've seen the difference. When we do as Lord asks, he will trust us more. I hope you all get a chance to read that and receive some revelation from it too!

I love you all!!! Have a great week!


Ældste Taylor Howes

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