Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year in Denmark Round 1


GODT NYT ÅR MINE KÆRE VENNER! Happy New Year! Danes go crazy for the New Years..if you've ever seen Hot Rod, if you remember the scene right before he does the big jump where they're walking through town and the people around their crew decides to go insane, that's a glimpse of the Danish New Year..the city here is still a mess! But their fireworks blow July 4th out of the water! It felt like a war zone whenever we were in bed at midnight! It was a fun experience!

Anyways, aside from that, we had the opportunity to meet with a few people! One of our friends said she would like to be baptized! She wasn't ready to commit to a date in February, but she said she definitely will! But, she's moving far far away where only a boat can get to...But, missionaries will still go to her anyways! She's been handed over to a different set of missionaries, so that's some exciting news! We're really happy for her and she's happy we asked. As soon as we invited her, she knew it was something she needed to do..that's the spirit working through an investigator! :) 

On the 1st of January, we used the WHOLE day to clean our apartment because we weren't allowed to go outside because it wasn't safe. So our apartment is spotless! We also rearranged it...there's a whole new excitement after things are moved around! But, that was a pretty bummy day! It was nice to have a clean and organized apartment again though! The next day, we were in Silkeborg on splits. We helped them out a little bit so that was good! It's always fun to be together with other missionaries! 

This Wednesday, we'll be in Copenhagen because my companion has to take a language test so he can stay in Denmark an extra year. It's kind of weird to think my trainee is taking a language test before me....and I've been out almost a year now. That's odd! But hey, I'm good with no tests! I'll also find out this week if I'm getting transferred. I'll be sad to leave Randers, but I think I'm up for another challenge at this point. We'll see what happens! :) I'll let you all know next Monday if I'm elsewhere! 

Yesterday, I read a scripture in the book of Alma! It's Alma 41:10. It says, "10 ...Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness." It's Alma giving words of advice to his son, Corianton, who had committed a few sins. I read over this scripture and immediately thought that there are those people who are content with their lives. It's hard for me to imagine that because I realize how much happiness I've been blessed with as a member of the church. I can't imagine stepping outside of the church because you can totally notice the difference when you do something against the will of God. The sin makes you feel happy for a short amount of time, but how do you feel days after? Not good! How do we feel when we follow God's commandment and do his will? I feel pretty happy! I've never been happier in my life! I invite you all to think about how much the church and this gospel has blessed you and to remember that wickedness wasn't and NEVER will be happiness! :)

I love you all and happy new year!!!! 


Ældste Taylor Howes

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