Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Esbjerg Beach!


It's been a pretty good week. Sorry for the short email last week. I didn't have terribly a lot of time, so I had to shorten it a little bit. But Esbjerg has been great! It's good to be back in a Ward. We've got about 80-100 active members every Sunday, (Yeah, sounds like a USA branch) but they're all some nice people. It was nice to greet new people. Some of them I had previously seen in other the other churches I served in, so it was kinda funny! 

Let's see, I don't really know what happened this week because I had no idea what's going on. But I know that we did some knocking in some apartment complexes and found a bit of success with that. We had 7 investigator lessons this week so that was also good. There are several people in this area interested in the gospel, so that's a plus! I've noticed the people here are much more open than in previous areas and we've given out so many Books of Mormon and gotten several potential investigators. We've been finding loads of success recently and our ward mission leader is really pushing for a member-referred baptism, so we've been having lessons with members and giving them commitments. So it's been going well with that! 

The area is really beautiful too. We're right next to a beach and we get to see the nice sunsets and clouds/sun contrast. It sounds like a girly thing, but this type of stuff makes a missionary in Denmark happy haha. I snagged some pics too! 

Anyways, I have a good scripture to share! It's quite the interesting one...  It's in Alma 48. It says, "23 Now, they were sorry to take up arms against the Lamanites, because they did not delight in the shedding of blood; yea, and this was not all—they were sorry to be the means of sending so many of their brethren out of this world into an eternal world, unprepared to meet their God." It talks about the time when the Lamanites king, Amalickiah (or something) went wicked and wanted to take over the more righteous people, the Nephites. The Nephites had to defend themselves, and I think it's interesting to see the amount of love they had for their bretheren. They were coming to kill them, but they were sad they not only had to fend them off and shed their blood, but they were even more upset they had to send their bretheren to God unprepared. That's how we should be. We shouldn't get back at our enemies, but we should just love them and care for them. Everyone is our bretheren. I'm not the greatest example of this, so don't take after me.... But we need to learn this concept and the Lord will bless us when we do that. The Lord blessed the Nephites so much that not a single person died in the Lamanite's attacks. 

I love you all and I'm thankful for your support!! Have a great week!


Ældste Taylor Howes

Esbjerg Beach! I look like a bunch of icicles, and I promise, I don't look that chubby in person. I was
pretty numb.


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