Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Investigator and baptismal date!


It has been a FANTASTIC week. I don't even know where to start. It's been busy, but A LOT has happened this week. I see that the East coast got a ton of snow, that even made news in Denmark...! We got a ton of snow on Saturday, so we along with the sisters and two men helped shovel the snow so the church sidewalks and parking lot could be cleared of snow. That was some hard work, but it looked nice when we were finished! 

On Tuesday, we had a ward activity (Tuesday night youth/activity) night, where we visit less-active or inactive members. So, we went on splits with the members and I went with the ward mission leader out to a town an hour away to meet with an inactive family. We had a pretty good lesson, but we couldn't stay too long because We had to be back to the church before 8.30... So we didn't have too much time. But on the way back, the ward mission leader treating me to some Burger King. I was pretty stoked. Wednesday was a pretty busy day. We had appointment after appointment, but we got a new investigator! Wednesday night we had to hit the road to Sønderborg (a city close to the German border) for splits. We didn't have time to eat, so we got fast food again at a restaurant called Sunset Boulevard.... Might be one of my favorite all time restaurants, but it's only in Denmark! But it was good. Then we went on splits all day Thursday, but Thursday night, we had to spend the night in a town called Fredericia, because we had to be in Aarhus for a missionary general conference put on by the churches general authorites, so we got McDonalds because we were in a rush. So we slept in Fredericia, then went up to Aarhus (near Randers) in the early morning, had breakfast a famous pastry shop, then had the General Conference/Missionary Training thing, then took a three hour train ride home, then we got to Esbjerg and went to bed, then now, if you're still following me, we reach Saturday

Okay, enough rambling and fast food, but the week gets better on Sunday. On Sunday, President O'Bryant came down to Esbjerg for church. He and his wife both gave talks, and after church, we had a ward "linger-longer" where we ate food and all that. Then, right after, we had a meeting with the Bishopric, the ward missionaries, us and the sisters, the ward mission leader and President O'Bryant. The ward had tried a intiative where the missionaries visit every single member in the ward and commit them to doing missionary work or coming to church, etc. So we talked about how that went and if we would continue. The meeting went very well and the ward leaders have a huge excitement to do missionary work. So we will continue working with the ward! I like that! It was a great day. Then, later that day, we met with a younger man for the first time. We heard his son had died and he had been through a lot, so we taught him about the Plan of Salvation first. He really loved it and had fantastic input. He said at the end, "Well, now I'm not afraid to die if I can see my son again." So we asked him to baptism, and he said he would love to. His baptismal date is set for the 5th of March and he said he will doing anything in order to be baptized, be forgiven and see his son again. So that was really special. The spirit was super strong! Right now, the mission had 19 people on baptismal date, 15 from our zone and 2 in our ward. Denmark may be one of the least baptizing missions, but we see miracles and the work continues to move forward! The missionaries never give up on Denmark!!!! 

Here's a message I'll leave that I loved! It was a First Presidency message for the month of February. It's about airplanes, and I love planes, but it also has a great story and gospel context to it. It's obviously by President Uchtdorf! 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! I love you! 


Ældste Taylor Howes

PS. That's on splits in Sønderborg!

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