Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy Lady


What an adventure this week was! The weather was absolutely terrible! It was cold, rainy and windy! To make it all better, I was on a bike! :) So much for summer! The past couple days haven't been so bad though, so that's a plus.

This week, my companion and I went out knocking in Vibehus, which is northwest Sjælland. While we were there, we got several super positive potentials! We also ran into this crazy lady, it was pretty funny. We knocked on the door and she immediately opened it and goes, "God doesn't exist. If he did exist he would come and deliver your message to me, not you two kids" Then slammed the door. Then so we knocked on the Apartment door NeXT to hers and she comes out and says, "You probably shouldn't knock there either - or the entire complex." So then we were like, "Actually, your neighbors in here were actually really interested, so we will continue." She says, "Why does your nametags say elder? You're clearly younger than me. You shouldn't dress like that either, you're going to find no success that way. Nobody likes that." So we just said, "Well we wear our message, and we are representatives of Jesus Christ, so we want to look our best." Then she goes,"I can tell you're from America, what even brings you out here to this tiny country?" So my companion says, "We have a living prophet today who leads our church and has revelation for our Whole World. He received revelation that we should be called to serve in Denmark." And she goes, "Oh, okay then, is there a number I can call so I can talk to him too??" Then my companion rattles off just hacked off, "Yeah, if you are interested, I will tell you. It goes like this, 'B'-'Ø'-'N' (Prayer in English)." Then the lady just goes, (I cleaned it up), "Yeah, get out of here!" It was pretty funny. We've seen that same lady arguing with a train driver. We see her everywhere and she's always ticked. Anyway so that was our excitement that day! 

We have an investigator who we've been meeting with, but now she's progressing. She's like a 40 year old woman named Henriette from Frederiksværk. We used to meet like 1 time a month but now she meets every week because she's noticed the Peace it brings her. She was a pretty heavy smoker and she's barely smoking now...and we didn't even tell her anything about the Word of Wisdom.. So that was pretty neat! She's already seen how the gospel has blessed her and how much Peace it has brought her. She pretty much told us last time we met that she wanted to see if being Mormon is something she wants to do. A lot of her friends have been giving her crap about it, but she's already been sticking up for the church and ditched those friends. So she's pretty awesome! She has 3 sons as well that hear from us! So Henriette is our light right now in Hillerød. Deepak is doing alright, but he's pretty lazy and is half-commital. But I think we can baptize them both, because they've both seen tremendous Blessings in their lives already. It's awesome being on the other end of that. Sometimes the Blessing we already have in our lives go unseen, so when you see things other people appreciate that you already have, it just makes you think, "Wow, I'm glad I've had that my whole life." 

Anyways, we've spent time knocking in Græsted and Frederiksværk but that had almost no success. 

We're getting like 3-4 eating appointments a week!! So that's a plus! It's pretty enjoyable but the downside is that it ruins all of our time in the evening to find. But food is good too. :)

I didn't get any Pictures this week. There was nothing to get a Picture of in this dårligt weather! My message to everyone would be like I said before....Take time to look and see the Blessings that God gave us all. Even the stupid things, like a toilet. All of these things go unseen but think of how our lives would be without it! If you just do that, I promise that you'll be so much happier about the bigger blessings you receive. Then don't forget to thank Heavenly Father for them also! He wants to hear it! :) 

I love you all and hope everyone has a dejligt week! 

Med Kærlig Hilsen, 

Ældste Taylor Howes 

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