Tuesday, May 19, 2015

8 Potential Investigators!


This week was pretty cool. Or Cold. It was cloudy all week and pretty rainy, but hey! That's Denmark. Friday we had perfect weather. It was awesome. Anyways here's the update on my week!

So Tuesday we had our Zone Training and that was cool to be with so many other Elders and Sisters. It was nice to talk with a bunch of people. Afterwards we had some McDonald's. And it's not as bad as it is in America. It was some quality food....kinda. But it was good!

On Monday, we went around contacting by the Castle and we found a guy sitting on a bench alone. So we said in Danish, "Hi, my friend and I are missionaries from our church - Mormon Church.." and then he responded in English, "Sorry, I don't understand." So we said, "Oh, we speak English too!"

So we taught that man, Jason, all about the first lesson. That God is our loving Heavenly Father, he blesses our families and Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ's church that he established on America. It turns out, he fled from Vietnam to Denmark because he would have been thrown in jail or something like that. I guess in Vietnam, they have a lot of civil unrest right now. Also, he knows nothing about religion. Not even God. So we taught him all of that and went to his Apartment several times to talk to him about our church, We got him to pray for the first time and he said, "I got this weird feeling I've never felt before...it scared me!" And we were like "YES, that's the Holy Spirit and God showing his love for you and that he hears you!" So ever since, he's been progressing and we should be asking him to baptism the NeXT couple of days. This guy doesn't speak English very well, so he's hard to communicate with a Little bit.

This week we did some contacting and door knocking and got about 7 or 8 potential investigators, so hopefully we will be teaching them here soon. It's pretty exciting! We visited a few less actives and we invited them to church. They came and they said they'll be back NeXT week! So that was exciting to hear.

This week, I'm almost positive I gained 10 lbs. We were fed this week sooooo much and we even had like a record of 4 dinner appointments. It was awesome. We went by this Family, the Ricks, and they're awesome. They're less active and they fed us these Danish pancakes - which is pretty much a sugary pancake that tastes like a waffle cone. We put ice cream in the middle, rolled it up like a burrito and ate it like an enchilada. It was sooo good. I ate like 9 of them. I thought I would explode. The Ricks always feed us with something. We just need to get them reactivated! They'd be such a good active Family in the Ward.

Anyways, Denmark has been treating me pretty well! I love it here. I wish the weather was better, but that's okay! I should be in Hillerød about 6 months, so I'm happy about that. It's a great area. Really beautiful with the Castle!! Anyways, I'll attach a couple Pictures!

I love you all! I'll talk to ya NeXT week!! (I don't know why the computer capitalizes Things wierd. so I'm sorry!)


Ældste Taylor Howes

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