Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!


Welps! Happy Valentine's everyone! This past week, it snowed like every single day, expect the past 2 days! It's actually been sunny, but freezing cold! It's been alright though. Can't complain when the sun is out. 

This week was pretty slow. Not too much happened. We've been doing a lot of finding recently. ON the bright side, we got a self-referral and she committed to a lesson with us tonight! Woohoo!! I've never had that happen before. Hopefully she's positive and ready to change her life :). Otherwise, we've been all over our area finding, and not too much has been happening other than weak potential investigators. At least we're getting something, but it's been kinda slow. We'll get there though. We've been working with a lot of different new converts, so that's been good as well. We're going to the temple on the 25th of February with one of them, so that will be worth it. :) We also had some Stake Conference this week too. I thought I already had my last Stake Conference in Denmark, but I was wrong! The Stake Presidency over here is pretty good. They're funny and inspiring and the stake loves them. It's cool to see. Stake Conference was held in the Aarhus Musikhuset. Look it up. Well worth a drive from anywhere! 

I don't really think I had anything else exciting happen. Just splits, door knocking and contacting.... But on the bright side, I'll be going to Esbjerg and Odense for district meetings this week, so that will be fun. I like those cities. I'll get to visit some previous investigators in Esbjerg as well, so that will be well worth it! :D 

I found a scripture I want to share in Alma 37. It's Alma's final words to his son, Helaman. He said, "O my son, do not let us be slothful because of the easiness of the way; for so was it with our fathers; for so was it prepared for them, that if they would look they might live; even so it is with us. The way is prepared, and if we will look we may live forever." The "way" he's referring to is the way to Salvation. If you honestly look at it. The way is prepared for us. We know exactly what we have to do. We get curveballs, but we all know the way to eternal life is through baptism and enduring to the end. It's simple. The gospel is simple. Do we become lazy, or do we just go through the motions? I think we're all guilty of some form of slothfulness, but if we really do look, the way is prepared for us. All we have to do is look and not be slothful. 

I love you all! Have a good week! :) 


Ældste Taylor Howes

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